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Sandy Millin: «We learn English to communicate with the world»

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Sandy Millin: «We learn English to communicate with the world»


The teacher, the trainer and the manager, the author of several books of pedagogy has given the chance to “Darina’s” teachers to plunge into the atmosphere of real English.
Sandy Millin has been teaching English for eight years and has been working as the trainer across the country more than two years. She has been invited as the trainer for teachers by principal of “Darina.” She can make special and comfortable atmosphere at her lessons. All her spare time Sandy has been learning languages. For example, she understands Russian and can do without translator. She knows French, German, Spanish, Czech and Polish. She has her own blog for teachers and useful posts on Twitter. We have talked to Sandy and have taken several tips.

-How do you think, what age is best to start learning languages? Whether or not to continue learning if it is not given to a child?
-There are many theories from what age to start learning languages. And each of them contradicts each other. Best age is from seven years old. English should be considered not from the viewpoint of a subject, which should be learned, but as a program that is fun and interesting to learn. It is not too late to start from 10-12 years old. If the teacher is good, he will be able to explain grammar structure to a child in the way that is not boring. It same applies to adults. It is never too late. The ways of learning are the same.

-Who do you work easier with? Children or adults?
-I love children, but prefer to work with adults. They are more motivated. The fact is adults know what they want. I have come to “Darina” for the first time and have been surprised by trained teachers, cozy atmosphere and good-natured attitude. I am the first time in Kazakhstan and I like it very much!

Before coming to you, I have read some information about Almaty, Astana, mountains, about the country. I have been introduced to the national traditions in Aktobe. I have been surprised with hospitality and generosity of Kazakh families. I have been even taken to the mosque. I have never known what shashu, jeti-nan, kozhe, shubat and beshbarmak are. But I have been shocked from setout and its abundance. I say: “It is too much!” I am answered: “It is even more at weddings!”- laughs.

-Have you arrived with any special program, focused on Kazakhstan?
-Yes, the teachers training program has been changed, but the technique remains the same. Everything is done according to international quality standards in “Darina.”

-What advices do you give for young teachers?
-The main advice is never being afraid of help. If you don’t understand something or know how to control the class, ask. I always help advice. I think like many others. Most often, young teachers are afraid of to seem unprofessional and do not ask questions. It is wrong. It is necessary to overcome shyness and then, it will be easier, especially in pedagogy.

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