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Afinogenova Nadezhda Vladimirovna

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Afinogenova Nadezhda Vladimirovna

  • Education: High education, specialty “Foreign philology”
  • Subject: English
  • Experience: 8 years

Why have you decided to become a teacher? What has defined your choice?

-I have always been good at humanities, particularly languages. Now, remembering the teachers of Russian, Kazakh and German, I find a part in my lesson style from each of them. Valentina Leontyevna (a teacher of Russian) is always attentive to features of everyone, patiently explaining features of spelling and punctuation.

Valentina Ivanovna (a teacher of German), always reminding a foreigner, admired with appearance, pronunciation and charm. She got boys and girls to fall in love. Nurzhamal Sholkatovna (a teacher of Kazakh) has instilled love to songs, which words I still remember and sometimes mutter. I think these teachers, their patience, kindness and sympathy have influenced my choice of profession.

What attracts you to work with us in this position?

-Working mainly with teenagers and children, energize and get a lot of positive. I like exchange of emotions that occurs in the classroom, I rejoice when I see “live”, no indifferent eyes. I always think how to make children’s eyes burn and I “relish” when everything turns out.

What about would you ask your students to write at the beginning of the year to know them better?  

-I would ask my students to write about their dreams and desires. I am sure than the more ambitious target then higher level of diligence, efficiency.

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