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Bakhitzhanova Agzat Yusupovna

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Bakhitzhanova Agzat Yusupovna

  • Education: KHLU (College of Kazakh Humanitarian Law University) Aktobe
  • Eurasian Academy (Uralsk)
  • Subject: English
  • Experience: 4 years

Should a teacher be a friend, a mentor, an assistant?

-The teacher is a person who can see personality in a student.  He must become not only the friend, but also the mentor and the assistant. We must show the same feelings as to own child. To be honest, objectively to estimate students’ knowledge, to treat everyone calmly.

The teacher is a sympathetic and kind person, not only exacting, but also well explaining subject. He likes children and finds joy in communication with them. He is patient, understanding, wise and creative. For me, the real teacher is like a mother, who can support and prompt the right decision. The teacher is not only a source of knowledge and advices, but also the companion and the loyal friend, who knows how to present his knowledge in accessible language to any student.

What attracts you to work with us in this position?

-The teacher is not a profession, calling. It is not enough just to teach, you need to love your job.

I really like the expression “It is impossible to teach, it is only possible to learn!” Many of us changed the attitude to any subject just because the teacher was not pleasant.

So, the teacher not only teaches. He helps to study, giving the love and understanding of a subject.

The teacher is an eternal student who continues to be improved whole life.  Who reaches new, cherishing old, can be a teacher.

Is a favorable microclimate important in the classroom at school, promoting creative activity of the teacher and student?

What abilities the student would not have, but if he does not respect or is afraid of the teacher, creativity and quality of education is not waited.

What the climate is created by the teacher in the classroom, the success of the lesson depends on. Creation of the favorable climate in group is one of the most important goals in teacher’s work with children. The climate is a kind of condition providing personality development: the child reveals on its background, shows the talents and actively interacts with the teacher and other children.

For creating the favorable climate we should do next functions:

  • Opening of the child on communication, which create comfortable environment in the classroom.
  • Establishment of personal contacts: these contacts should be built not only between the teacher and the students, but also among the students. The teacher calls each student by name, shows interest, says compliments and hopes for success of work, shows sympathy and favor.
  • Cheering, approving attitude during work.

The more favorable atmosphere in the classroom, the faster formation communicative competence.

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